Selecting Accounting System Software

Below are the important stages and questions you should consider when evaluating and selecting a new financial accounting solution:

Accounting System Software Evaluation & Selection Stages

Stage A – Initial considerations

  • Why should our business consider new accounting system software?
  • What are the risks to the organisation of taking no action?
  • Are there opportunities to co-ordinate this change with other projects (i.e. a server upgrade)?
  • Who are the key sponsors that should be consulted during the process?

Stage B- Understand the business case

  • What are our business requirements relating to accounting system software?
  • What are our resource and time constraints?
  • What future business changes should we consider?
  • What are the key technical restrictions or necessities?

Stage C – Preparing a vendor shortlist

  • What accounting systems are successful in my sector?
  • Can I get a demo of the software in situ?
  • Where can I research my potential vendors?
  • What questions should I ask a vendor during the process?
  • What types of questions and assurances should I expect from a vendor?

Stage D – Steps prior to selection

  • Follow a recognised selection process.
  • Build selection team with a vested interest- but stick to key personnel.
  • Focus on your specialist processes and requirements. The standard features and functions should be a “given” for most accounting system software.

For a more comprehensive evaluation of your accounting system software needs, download this Finance System Functional Requirements document provided by FinanSys Ltd.

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